Who’s the Right Landlord for Me?


When you’re searching for a place to live, there are almost as many different types of landlords as there are apartments for rent. I would break them down into the following categories:Private owners – Own a few properties and just enjoy the extra rental income.PLUS SIDE: The rental process is probably fairly simple with less stringent credit and income requirements. MINUS SIDE: The owner may...

Working From Home Together 


“To walk a thorny road, we may cover its every inch with leather or we can make sandals.” -- Josh Waitzkin, The Art of Learning: A Journey in the Pursuit of ExcellenceThis quote really hits home as we all struggle to get used to the new normal that the coronavirus has brought upon us all.Some of us are suddenly working from home, something we’ve never tried before.Others have been working home...

Is a meal kit delivery service for me?


What’s the scoop on meal prep delivery services anyway?If you prefer a home-cooked meal to eating out all of the time, and you don’t have tons of time to spend cooking, then a meal kit service seems to be a perfect option. No need to hit the grocery store on your way home from work. And no tedious cutting and chopping. All of the ingredients are right there and all of the prep work is done for...

The Apartmental Apartment Search Checklist


When looking for an apartment, as with any other life event, preparation is imperative. I’m surprised at the number of apartment-hunters I’ve toured who don’t have a list of questions to ask. Who don’t take notes during the tour. I suppose it’s possible they just have much better memories than I do? Most likely that’s not the case, though.I’m not sure such innocents understand that once they sign...

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